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  • WS-Gaming.eu game servers, game files download

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    What is it?


    WS-Gaming is a project which started in early 2014. We provide you the highest quality game servers and in-game experience. It all started from Killing Floor servers. Nowadays our project is very known all around the world because our KF game servers are staying at the top in most game servers tracking sites. One of them is Gametracker.com. Our both KF1 game servers are in the first page of Killing Floor servers. Through the years there was many problems, jealous server administrators who tried to make us fall while ordering DDoS attacks and other stupid things. All because they can't maintain their own or accept the fact that there could be even better servers or better gaming communities. We never surrendered - we just stayed 10 toes down. And now look at us! Our servers, players, community is still here while some others just died as projects. 


    Our mission:

    We're not here to offer you some childish or boring gaming servers. A lot of practice and experience has been collected through all those years and we surely know what player wants. As you can see, we offer the most interesting and catchy game servers to spend your time on. Well, not all the people has the same taste in things and it's fair that some of our players would disagree about it, but we can't make things for everybody to keep them happy. In this fast changing world of technologies and improvements we moved passed in this sort of time and now we are here to keep you happy after school, days work or any other life material things. It doesn't matter if you're young or old, you are always awaited in our game servers network. Many good things are coming and all your suggestions are very important to us. We know what you want in gaming community and we're trying to provide it. Just stay with us and feel free to join our WS-GAMING.EU community if you didn't yet!


    What we can offer?

    Our team is ready to offer you the best gaming experience. Servers that are hosted in high uptime and well maintained hosting providers. Uptime not less than 99%, helpful server administrators, big list of maps and it's rotation, fully personal choice where to play and much more. Our forum site provides you with game downloads, game files, cs 1.6 game files, kf1 game download, killing floor game files, Counter-strike 1.6 game download, Killing Floor full version of the game for free, best cs 1.6 servers, cs 1.6 game servers, custom game editions, game downloading, VIP privileges, anti-cheat system and much more.



    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wsgamingeu

    Discord: https://discord.gg/U2Wz7dDDRX

    Steam Community: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/ws-gamingeu

    WS-GAMING.EU - The best Gaming Community! Game Servers, Game Files, Game Downloads, Game Topics, Counter-Strike 1.6 servers, CS 1.6 Download, Killing Floor servers, Killing Floor game download

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