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Hello dear WS-GAMING.EU visitors and players!

Today I want to introduce to some games downloading sites. All of them in theme about Counter Strike 1.6 download, CS 1.6 download.


Counter-Strike is known to almost every gamer/player around the world. I guess there's no need introducing many of readers about this great FPS old school shooter on Windows PC. CT vs TT gameplay which has made millions of fans and still counting.


This game is great because you don't need some type of "gaming" or "NASA" workstation computer, haha. 😄 All you need is some decent machine to have stabile 100FPS in old game Counter Strike 1.6, CS 1.6, Cstrike. 512MB, 128mb graphics card is perfect for it. Also, on never machines (which are running Windows 8, 8.1, 10 and 11) there would a lot larger amount of RAM and graphics card RAM.


Counter-Strike 1.6 is really a cool game and you can download it for free from site below. Just take a chance and step in one of the greatest FPS tactical shooters of all time NOW and today!



Counter Strike 1.6 download




CS 1.6 full setup install

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