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IP: cs.ws-gaming.eu /

Story of WS CS 1.6 Servers:

At the moment, there's investing in CS Server's popularity. CS 1.6 Servers nowadays is fulfilled with stupid amxx plugins, gamemodes or other uninteresting or childish cs server addons. WS-GAMING.EU Game Servers Network to change those new cs game and server standards. After all those years of trying, downfalling, rising up we collected the experience in mastering game servers. Through the years we came to the point where we know what KF player or CS player (cs 1.6 player) wants. We offer you quality game servers counter-strike with most popular and futuristic cosmetic and environment addons. Player skillpoints, rank with XP, Levels, parachute, Quake Sounds, new mapchooser interface, StatsX Shell ranking system (newer and more user friendly) and much more. Maps only time tested and golden maps (ex.: de_dust2_2x2, fy_pool_day). Game left unchanged, main points of the game disappeared nowhere. They're still here and waiting for our dear players of cs 1.6 community. Just a pure classic cs game server with quite updates for more interesting and catchy gameplay. Just like in our WS Killing Floor servers - pure gameplay with the best addons and customizations on the server.


Our point is to prove that our loved Counter-Strike 1.6 (cs game, cs 1.6 game, cs 1.6 classic, cs classic, public cs 1.6) is still enjoyably playable after all those years since Valve released it finally as the standalone game. More game servers from our project are coming in 2024. Most likely golden gamemodes like Zombie Plague, Surf, JailBreak and what not. You're giving smiles by just being and staying with all the WS-Gaming community. It doesn't matter since when - from the beginning or just found it today. Thank you all for staying with us and hope to see you all in the future still.






There's no template of posting your application. Just do it here - in the topic comments.

Information needed: Steam profile (only STEAM CS players can apply), your age, experience in game and with admin rights on other projects.

Time on the server doesn't matter and never will. I respect that we all have our own life and things to get done. Just take your time to catch some aimbots, wallhackers or etc when you're on the server playing. Thats it 🙂
Good luck!

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